Grinding love like grinding coffee


The operation of grinding the roasted coffee beans into powder is called grinding.
The prop that grinds the coffee beans is called a grind.
Beethoven is said to have 60 coffee beans in the morning every morning, and then grind the coffee after grinding.
Grinding coffee,
Enjoy the scent while enjoying the fun…

A little thing in life is like a grain of coffee beans, time is a mill, love becomes coffee. Managing love is an art, grinding coffee beans is also a very knowledgeable, very skillful, and important process. First of all, because different cooking methods require different thicknesses of coffee powder, and freshly ground coffee will be more mellow, and secondly coffee beans are easier to preserve than coffee powder.

The grinding method of the coffee beans can be classified into coarse grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding according to the size of the final particles. There is also fine grinding (fine powdered coffee powder) which is finely ground or finer than fine grinding. The degree should be determined according to the different extraction time of different brewing methods, otherwise it will affect the coffee and the shading principle. The finer the coffee powder, the longer the brewing time, the stronger the coffee taste; on the contrary, the thicker the coffee powder, the longer the brewing time Short, the lighter the taste can be said, the longer the extraction time, the thicker the bean should be, so as not to cause excessive extraction, resulting in the final coffee bitterness; the shorter the extraction time, the finer the bean should be ground to avoid insufficient extraction. . In general, the extraction time of the French filter press is about 3~4 minutes. It should be coarsely ground. The blade type electric grinder can be loosened by pressing 7~10 seconds. If it is too fine, it is easy to drink coffee grounds. And it has a bitter taste.

The use of mocha pots is more complicated, which is related to the heating energy used. If it is a gas stove, the fire is more fierce, it is better to grind a little to avoid excessive extraction. It is recommended to use an induction cooker or an alcohol lamp to ensure a moderate firepower. The extraction time of the moka pot is shorter than that of the French filter press. Therefore, the coffee powder should be slightly thinner, and the grinding time is about 15~20 seconds. If the fire source is larger, the grinding source can be rougher and the fire source is smaller and can be ground. The elastic space is quite large.

The best time to grind coffee is to grind it before cooking. Because the ground coffee is easy to oxidize and lose the fragrance, especially in the case of improper proper storage, the coffee powder is also easy to taste, and naturally it is impossible to cook the fragrant coffee. Grinders for grinding coffee There are a variety of different brands and models, ideally a grinder that can adjust the thickness of the grind. When grinding with a grinder, do not grind too much at one time. It is enough to use the powder once, because the longer the grinder is used, the more likely it is to heat up. Indirectly, the coffee beans are heated during the grinding process and cause aroma. Released in advance will affect the aroma of the brewed coffee. If you are using a manual grinder from your home, gently rotate it so that it does not generate frictional heat.
After the grinder has been working for a period of time, it is necessary to inspect the blade. After the blade is blunt, the ground particles will become a pile of irregularly sized powder, which will cause uneven extraction when brewing. The taste of the last coffee is greatly reduced.

Once the grinder has been grinding the beans for a long time, it will generate heat due to friction. You will feel the temperature of the freshly come out powder. At this time, your coffee powder is seriously damaged by the hot oil, and the taste of the brewed coffee will also change. difference. At the same time, because coffee powder is the most difficult to preserve, the best way to solve the above two problems is to grind only one cup at a time.

Every time the grinder is used up, it must be cleaned with a brush. The residual powder and smell left in the coffee machine will greatly reduce the fragrance of the next brewed coffee.