Are you looking for a non-sticky sugar cooking pot? Ordinary cooking pots on the market generally only have the functions of boiling, steaming, and boiling. And this stainless steel pourable jacketed pot with stirring can not only satisfy ordinary steaming and boiling functions. And it can also boil syrups, honey, sauces, etc. with vicious qualities. It does not require manual continuous mixing, and the built-in mixing function saves labor. The sugar melting pot has a large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, and stirring. It is the best choice for boiling sugar.

The structure of the jacketed sugar cooking pot

The jacketed pot includes a pot body and a tilting or supporting angle. The pot body is a double-layer structure with a jacketed pot. Heat conduction oil or water can be added to the interlayer to conduct heat conduction. This can ensure that the heated area is enlarged, the heating is even, and the heating temperature is easy to control.

Jacketed sugar cooking mixer structure
Jacketed Sugar Cooking Mixer Structure

The working principle of the jacketed kettle sugar melting pot

The jacketed kettle sugar melting pot mainly uses electricity or gas as the heating source. Electric or gas heats the heat transfer oil or water in the interlayer, and the heated heat transfer oil or water heats the syrup in the pot. This will ensure that the heated area of the syrup is heated and evenly heated. During the heating process, the stirring rod continuously stirs the syrup to prevent the syrup from sticking to the pot wall. After cooking, the tilting sugar pot makes it more convenient to pour the materials.

Advantages of stirring sugar cooking pot

The jacketed sugar melting pot with stirring continuously stirs the syrup during the sugar boiling process. The syrup will not solidify and stick to the pot due to cooling.

Moreover, the heat of this automatic stirring syrup frying pan can be controlled, and the stirring speed can be controlled. The automatic stirring device saves manpower.

The pourable jacketed pot makes it easy to pour materials.

The commercial pourable sugar boil pot with stirring is made of food-grade stainless steel, which can meet food safety and sanitation standards.

This sugar cooker can use electricity, steam, natural gas, steam, and other heating methods.

Its specifications are 50~2000L and many other specifications.

Stirring syrup melter pot
Stirring Syrup Melter Pot

Syrup melter pot operation process

  1. Turn on the power and turn on the power knob, the power indicator light, and the temperature controller will light up to enter the heating operation step
  2. Set the temperature of boiling sugar on the temperature control table, and the maximum temperature cannot exceed 220 degrees. The SV on the temperature control table indicates the set temperature.
  3. Note that the pot cannot be heated when there is no material in the pot, and the stirring can be turned on when needed.
  4. The distribution box of the equipment cannot be directly scrubbed with water but can be scrubbed with a damp cloth. When cleaning the equipment, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply.