The industrial gas popcorn machine is also called the air-flow grain puffing machine. As the name suggests, this machine is specially used for puffing grains. In addition to making popcorn, the cereal puffing machine also can match with other machines to make popcorn candy, cereal balls, cereal bars, and other foods. Therefore, this machine has multiple functions, high expansion efficiency, and large output. We have exported a gas popcorn machine to Ghana.

The principle of making popcorn by the popcorn machine

Not only the gas-heated corn puffing machine, but other popcorn machines have similar principles for making popcorn. They all expand the water vapor or air inside the corn, thereby expanding the corn. This process is called puffing.

Grain puffing machine
Grain Puffing Machine

The airflow grain puffing machine puts the corn in a container that can withstand high temperature and pressure. Then use gas to heat the container and the temperature and pressure inside the container increase. When the material is released, the water vapor inside the corn and the infiltrated high-pressure air cause the corn to expand rapidly, thereby making popcorn.

Other applications of the gas popcorn machine

The airflow grain puffing machine is not only suitable for making popcorn, but it is also suitable for making other puffed foods. This air puffing machine mainly applies to puffing cereals. It is widely used in puffed corn, rice, wheat, millet, barley, and other grains. The puffed grains can also be mixed with syrup, peanuts, and other products to make grain balls, grain bars, and other foods.

Puffed raw material and puffing effect
Puffed Raw Material And Puffing Effect

Gas popcorn machine export to Ghana details

The Ghanaian customer has a factory that mainly produces nutritious breakfast cereals, such as corn flakes, oats, wheat flakes, cereal bars, and other products. He needs a puffing machine for puffing various grains. Therefore, we recommended this multi-functional airflow grain puffing machine to him. This kind of puffing machine adopts gas heating and is easy to operate, which can be operated by one person. And its production output is also large, one batch may contain 8~10kg, 8~10min can complete the puffing.

Ghana gas popcorn machine transport pictures