The puffed rice making machine is a kind of grain puffing machine, which specializes in puffing rice, wheat, corn, buckwheat, and other grains. After technical transformation, the output of this automatic air flow puffing machine has been greatly increased. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high safety factor, and low energy consumption. This machine has a wide range of applications, as long as it contains starchy grains, it can be puffed. The small puffed rice making machine can not only be used alone, it can also be used with sugar pots, forming machines, and other machines to make cereal bars and other products.

Automatic airflow puffed rice making machine application

The air puffing machine can puff wheat, millet, rice, corn, buckwheat, treats, sorghum, and other products. The machine maintains the original flavor, color, and nutrient content of the grain to a great extent. It is an ideal machine for puffed grain processing.

Small rice puffing machine
Small Rice Puffing Machine

Small puffed rice making machine working principle

Load the processed materials into a closed boiler with a cover, and use liquefied gas, coal gas, or coal to heat the machine. And continuously rotate the tank at a certain speed to make the material evenly heated. As the temperature in the tank gradually rises, the moisture on the surface of the material vaporizes, and the pressure in the tank increases. When the pressure in the tank reaches a certain level, the lid of the tank body is opened. At this time, the high-temperature and high-pressure states in the tank are reduced to normal temperature and pressure, and the part of the material that loses water will be filled with air to become larger, and the original grain volume has expanded several to several tens of times. The high pressure in the tank ejects the grains from the tank and falls into the net for unified collection.

Automatic puffed rice making machine
Automatic Puffed Rice Making Machine

Features of commercial puffed rice making machine

  1. Large production output, it can expand 10kg rice at one time
  2. The operation is simple, one person can operate the machine, and one skilled worker can operate 3 machines
  3. The safety factor is high. The machine has four safety insurances, low labor intensity, and adopts humanized design.
  4. There is no shear force in the air puffing process, so there will be no mixing and homogenization effects.
  5. The main body of the puffing adopts an inclination angle of 35 degrees, which is more convenient for collecting materials.
  6. Simple structure, convenient operation, lead-free expansion, and fast speed.

Puffing raw materials and effect of airflow grain puffing machine

Puffed raw material and puffing effect
Puffed Raw Material And Puffing Effect

Granola bar production

The puffed rice making machine can not only be used alone to make puffed grains. It can also form a cereal bar production line with machines such as melting sugar pots, cereal bar forming, and cutting machines.

Cereal bar production line
Cereal Bar Production Line

Technical parameter of rice puffing machine

Model Power Capability Weight Voltage Dimension
SL-60 0.75kw 90-100kg/h 380kg 380V 1650*850*1300mm