Hand-operated popcorn machine



The output of the popcorn machine produced by our factory is high, Flexible hand-carrying, easy to carry, high pressure in the pot .not only can open small corn, but also pop up rice, big corn, wheat, soybean and other grain ,The steps of popcorn machine are simple: open the iron cover of the machine, put the corn into it, go to the stove, then shake the machine with one hand and shake the fan with one hand. After three or five minutes, the machine was removed and knocked into the leather bag. A loud noise, white smoke dispersed, and the popped popcorn appeared in front of the eyes. The popcorn machine has a long history, and the popcorn is crispy and delicious.


Processed variety Required pressure (Mpa)

Soy, potato chips, corn, potato chips: 0.6-0.7

Mung beans, red beans and most beans :0.7

Broad beans, sesame: 0.8

Rice, small yellow rice, high glutinous rice :0.8

Wheat :1.2

The water content of the processed material is :15%-25%











Technical parameter

Model Power Capacity Weight Voltage Dimension Speed
SL-30 60w 2-3kg/time 50kg 12V 500*470*500mm 5 mins/time