The whole roasting machine is composed of raw bean container, drum, dust collection tube, dust collector, cooling tank. The whole roasting process of raw beans into cooked beans is mainly made up of a control panel, adjusting turntable, sampling spoon, roasting/cooling Toggle the switch, and so on.

Gas valve: The function of the gas valve has three main points. Firstly, the exhaust function of exhausting wastes such as smoke and broken layers. Secondly, it provides the amount of oxygen necessary for burning bean. Thirdly, it can adjust the heat in the drum.  The air-making valve mainly has two functions which are “the temperature of the drum rises when opened, and the temperature of the drum decreases when closed”. There is another function that is homogenizing the beans in steaming mode.

The air-making valve has an exhaust and cooling shared type, and a separate type of the two. The shared type requires to switch to control the roasting of raw beans into the drum and the cooling of the cooked beans out of the drum.


The structure of the direct-fire type and semi-hot air type drums are different. However, the basic condition is that they should have a suitable rotation speed of the stirring fan blades, which can even roast the beans. If you put as many raw beans as the capacity of the roaster, it will cause uneven roasting and difficult exhaust. The cause is that the structure of the stirring blade. The roaster pushes the beans to the front of the drum according to the centrifugal force generated during rotation, so that the beans are clumped and fixed. In general, it is best to use 80% of the maximum amount of roasted beans.

Smoke Extraction Equipment

The raw beans in the roast will produce quite a lot of dust, broken layers, and silver skin. A dust collector is a machine that collects these things.

It is connected with the roaster by a horizontal duct and then connected to the chimney outside the house. The curved part of the chimney will generate turbulent flow so that we should install them in a straight line, to allow the chimney to extend to a considerable height. The chimney is not only a pure exhaust port, but also it can extract the air accumulated in the dust collector.

Cooling Device

If the beans are not cooled immediately after roasting, the beans will continue to roast with their own residual heat. Finally, the bitterness will be increased.

Firepower Device

The temperature of the roaster is based on multiple adjustments of the firepower of the burner and the gas valve. The power setting end depends on the gas pressure gauge, and the fine adjustment depends on the gas valve.