There are four kinds of coffee machinery, drip coffee machinery, high-pressure steam coffee machine, automatic coffee machinery, and semi-automatic coffee machinery.

  1. The principle of drip coffee machinery: we should turn on the switch when the lights are lighting, the heating tube begins to work.When there is no water in the water tank, the temperature rises. When the temperature can rise the setting temperature, the thermostat will be disconnected and the heating tube will stop working. When the temperature starts to decrease, the thermostat is restored, and the heating tube continues to work, thereby it can achieve the effect of heat prevention.
  2. There is a high-pressure cavity in the coffee pot. When the water begins to produce a large amount of steam, the pressure can not be discharged through the small hole so that the pressure in the high-pressure cavity is greater than the atmospheric pressure. The water rises along the water pipe, in the cavity Steam pressure flows down into the coffee filter. The high-pressure steam coffee machine is obtained by extracting the water vapor after heating it with coffee powder. There is a safety valve on the top of the high-pressure chamber to ensure safety. The coffee brewed by this kind of product is rich and full-bodied, which is more suitable for those who have high requirements for the taste of the coffee.
  3. Fully automatic coffee machine: Fully automatic coffee machine is a machinery that hands-free fully automatic. This machine can grind, fill coffee, and make coffee. Otherwise, we can add milk to the coffee machinery.
  4. To be precise, the semi-automatic machinery is professional coffee machinery. Because the semi-automatic coffee machine cannot make beans, it can only use coffee powder. The operator needs to fill and press the powder by himself. It involves a new process for coffee work, so it is called a professional coffee machine. The characteristics of the semi-automatic coffee machine, which are constant water temperature, stable pump pressure, steam constant pressure and drying, easy operation, etc.; The semi-automatic coffee machine is mainly produced in Italy, its structure is simple, and it is easy to maintain. You can make Italian coffee in the right ways.