Coffee peeling machine for removing coffee fresh fruit peel

After the coffee fresh fruit is removed from the coffee tree, it needs to be processed through multiple processes such as peeling, degumming, drying, storage, shelling and polishing. After baking, it becomes the coffee bean that we can buy on the market. These four processes before roasting coffee beans generally have two processing methods, which are divided into “dry method” and “wet method”. The selected method has a significant impact on the final product quality and commodity value of coffee. The dry method is the cheapest, simplest and most traditional method of processing coffee beans. This method is susceptible to the weather. The defective beans and foreign matter are easily mixed in, so it is mostly used for the processing of lower grade coffee beans. The wet processing process needs to be more More money and energy, but this method helps to ensure the quality of coffee beans and reduce damage, so it is basically used for high-quality coffee beans processing.


The coffee peeling machine puts the fresh fruit into the hopper, and the horizontal roller and the agitator are rotated by the motor, and the peel of the fresh fruit of the coffee is scraped off by the fish scale-like bump on the surface of the horizontal roller, and the fresh fruit of the peeled coffee is discharged from the discharge port and enters the lower part. Process. The hopper is connected to the inlet pipe, and only a small amount of water is needed to flush the peeled peel from the inclined groove to the coffee peeling machine. The agitator stirs the fresh coffee fruit at the feed port to prevent the fresh coffee fruits from accumulating on each other, blocking the feed port, and improving production efficiency.