Manual coffee bean sheller machine


Introduction of coffee:

Coffee is made by baking beans made drinks, and cocoa, tea as the main drinks popular in the world.

Daily consumption of coffee is made from coffee beans with different kinds of cooking utensils , and the coffee beans is refers to the inside of the coffee tree fruit nut, and then use the appropriate method to roast,a cup of coffee taste standard should not be bitter, a qualified barista when making coffee carefully for each step operation, finally in the sense of taste is the coffee for the guest will present a different degree of sweetness, acidity, mellow or clean degrees.




About coffee bean sheller machine:

1.The coffee bean sheller machineisused for shelling coffee beans professionally.

2.There are special components to adjust space of roller,so that machine will be able to work in best state.

3.Reliable operation, convenient maintenance. It is used widely and can be driven by electrical motor or diesel, also can be operated by a woman easily .




Parameters of coffee bean sheller machine:

Model Weight Capacity Dimension(m m)
TZ-100 24kg 30-100kg/h 545*315*575mm
TZ-300 50kg 100-300kg/h 7445x510x1120mm