What is the difference between an electric heating popcorn machine and an electromagnetic heating popcorn machine?

Although electric heating heat transfer oil and electromagnetic heating equipment use 380V industrial power as energy, but these are two different heating methods, what is the difference between them?
First of all, from the principle point of view, the electric heating popcorn machine is to add a special oil in the pot sandwich, such as 320 or 350 heat transfer oil, by heating the oil to heat the pot, thereby transferring heat to the material in the pot. The electromagnetic heating popcorn machine adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction eddy current. When the current passes through the electromagnetic coil, an alternating magnetic field is generated, and the cutting and changing are repeated at the bottom of the pot body, and a ring current is generated, so that the bottom of the pot is rapidly heated, and then heated. The material in the pot.

Second, the energy saving effect is different. As we all know, the oil temperature of the heat transfer oil drops slowly. This feature can be used in the production process to carry out continuous operation and save energy and electricity. The electromagnetic heating directly applies heat to the material itself, with less heat loss and heat absorption. The rate is as high as 98% and the energy saving effect is remarkable.
Then, you can distinguish between their heating effects, electric heating popcorn machine heating evenly, but the temperature rise is slow, the heat loss is large, it will lead to higher temperature outside the pot body, of course, do not have to worry about the safe use of equipment, Shuli is outside the equipment A layer of aluminum silicate insulation layer is arranged and surrounded by stainless steel to protect the electromagnetic heating. The heating and heating are quick, the heating is uniform, the thermal efficiency is high, and the temperature outside the pot is low, which improves the environment of the equipment.
It can be seen that there are many differences between the electric heating popcorn machine and the electromagnetic heating popcorn machine, but each has its own advantages and is two very popular heating methods.