How to make popcorn at the cinema level at home?

The raw material is simple, very fine powdered sugar, in order to make the sugar melt faster, better wrapped in corn, and with different flavors, the oil is palm oil, because the amount is also very large, with Corn will also reach a 2:1 level, and the oil must be so large that the sugar can be evenly packed.
The biggest difference between the popcorn machine and the home is that there is a stir bar in the popcorn machine. The corn, sugar and oil will stir constantly when it is fried, and the pot of the popcorn machine used to fry the corn is very small. On a very light cover, the fried corn will come out and prevent it from over-exploding. After the pot is fried, use a wooden spoon to mix the popcorn, so that you can finish the popcorn.

Electromagnetic ball popcorn machine 1
Then at home, the defects are mainly two. One without a stir bar, the second fried popcorn can’t come out immediately, and won’t let it blow over.
So how do we do it at home, I will slowly say below.
A household iron pan: It is not appropriate to use a microwave to fry corn, because there is no way to stir it during the frying process, so use a traditional round iron pan or pan.
A large plate: used for the final popcorn to stir and cool, preferably the size of the washbasin.
Powdered sugar: The finer the powdered sugar, the better! It is best to use a blender. If you want to eat the cream, you can add the cream directly. If you want to eat other flavors, such as fruit, coffee, etc., I would not recommend studying all kinds of messy spices and buying the corresponding flavor directly. Hard candy is made into powdered sugar!
Oil: butter, peanut oil, soybean oil, basically simmering oil, if you want to butter, cut it into small pieces and then go to the pot.
Corn: Dry corn must be dry.
The proportion of ingredients is probably: sugar: oil: corn = 2:2:1, more specifically according to personal taste. (I tried to popcorn with pepper, it’s delicious!)
If you like to eat salty mouth, you can make chili powder, salt and pepper powder, etc. The same is true.
1. Wash the pot and cook it dry then cool.
2. Fire the medium and small fire, pour the oil and powdered sugar, and stir immediately.
3. Stir the sugar powder and oil evenly, pour in the corn, stir immediately + shake the pot.
4. When the first corn begins to explode, cover the lid and then shake the pot back and forth faster. This is to let the unexploded corn sink and heat, and the second is to prevent the fried popcorn from being overheated.
5. When the sound in the pot is thin, pour the fried popcorn into the large dish, then mix the syrup and popcorn with a large spoon.
6, waiting for the popcorn to cool, after the surface of the syrup hardens, you can enjoy it!