Cheap baked bean equipment, roasted coffee beans in the oven

There are still a few pounds of coffee and raw beans in my hand. Recently, it was hot, and the range hood was broken. It was too painful to fry the beans with a wok. I had to enter a new set of Stainless steel coffee bean drying oven.
The finished product is first baked with Mandheling’s green beans. A cage of beans is baked in two stages. One is a shallow drying and the other is a deep explosion.

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Stainless steel coffee bean drying oven

The lightly baked beans are already very rich in flavor, and it is generally enough to dry to this level.
The deep-boiled beans are a bit too far, and the oil is very powerful. Basically, Starbucks beans are baked to this level, and all the flavors are cut off, mainly the bitterness of coffee.
Quickly powdered, the freshly baked beans are not suitable for immediate drinking. They should be stored for another day to mature. Otherwise, it will be very strong and will not be suitable for storage in large sealed bottles. The bag or jar is the most suitable.