The electromagnetic popcorn machine uses the principle of electromagnetic heating to make the corn pop into a spherical popcorn. The machine combines the electromagnetic heating system with the pot body material, shortening the time of corn blasting. The industrial electromagnetic popcorn machine contains a stirrer, which can stir the raw materials in all directions so that the raw materials are heated evenly. Intelligent control panel, one-key control of feeding and discharging.

Principle of the electromagnetic ball popcorn machine

Popcorn making process
Popcorn Making Process

Electromagnetic ball-type popcorn machine adopts the principle of the magnetic field induced eddy current heating. He uses current to generate a magnetic field through the coil. When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the pot, it will generate countless small eddy currents, so that the pot itself will heat up at high speed and then heat up.

Advantages of electromagnetic heating

Electromagnetic popcorn making machine
Electromagnetic Popcorn Making Machine

The heating speed of the electromagnetic heating popcorn making machinery is faster. It can make the machine reach the required temperature in a short time. In addition, the eddy current generated by electromagnetic induction makes the heat directly act on the raw material, reducing the heat loss. Moreover, this commercial electromagnetic heating machine is easy to install on the production line and has a high degree of automation. High power utilization efficiency, environmental protection and energy-saving.

Advantages of electromagnetic popcorn popping machine

Electromagnetic popcorn popping machine details
Electromagnetic Popcorn Popping Machine Details
  1. The pot has a capacity of 100L and can produce 10-15 pounds of popcorn in one pot, one pot in three minutes.
  2. Our popcorn machine is automatic, and the pan is discharged automatically, saving manpower.
  3. All operations can be achieved through the control panel. It can realize the precise control of temperature, speed, and time according to the needs of the process recipe. It achieves standardized production, to ensure consistent product quality.
  4. The materials adopt high-quality stainless steel products with long service life and high temperature without deformation.
  5. With the planetary stirring method, it can cover every corner of the pot body, the mixing is more uniform, and the scraping bottom is more thorough.
  6. Automatic hydraulic rear side turning pot, automatic hydraulic discharge.
  7. One-starting of the pot allows the pot body to quickly disengage from the heat source after stopping heating, preventing the high-temperature residual heat from causing the paste pot.
  8. It is a food processing equipment with excellent performance without disassembling the mixer, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity.

Electromagnetic spherical popcorn machine application

The commercial electromagnetic popcorn machine is a multifunctional device integrating stirring, dispersing, and mixing. It is widely used in the production of popcorn, condiments, hot pot bottoms, bean paste, canned fruits, ketchup, and other products.

Electromagnetic spherical popcorn machine application
Electromagnetic Spherical Popcorn Machine Application

By adding different flavors of raw materials, it can produce original flavor, milk flavor, caramel flavor, chocolate flavor, and other flavors.

Technical parameter of industrial electromagnetic popcorn Machine

Model Pan diameter Power Capability Weight Voltage Dimension
SL-100 100L 18kw 60kg/h 350kg 380V 1700*1400*1600mm