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Small commercial popcorn machine





The popcorn machine is easy to operate, and the inner pot adopts the national sanitary food grade Teflon coating material, which is an effective anti-stick pan. The three sides of the fuselage are made of heat-resistant tempered glass, which is safe and hygienic, with good light transmission, high-power heating tube, fast heating, built-in temperature limiter, and prevention of coke pot.





▲ suitable for party occasions or family gatherings DIY use.

▲ retro-style mini popcorn machine using hot air principle, you can more than other popcorn machine on the market burst more corn.

▲ because it is the use of hot air principle, can reduce the probability of success of corn did not burst.

▲ than with a microwave burst out of popcorn more delicious and more healthy.

▲ is not limited to the use of the kitchen! (Such as: office, living room, bedroom, or outdoor … and so on.)

▲ funny lovely retro style for gifts for their own affordable two ~ ~

▲ unlike the general popcorn machine, retro mini-popcorn machine in addition to the use of sex, but also become a fun home furnishings!

▲ do not need to wash, just a simple kitchen paper towels or dry cloth can be wiped clean.












2>Technical parameter

Rated voltage: AC220V / 120V

Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ

Maximum power: 1200W

Net weight: 1.75Kg

Packing specifications: 260mm * 210mm * 410mm

Mechanical specifications: 240mm * 190mm * 390mm