The industrial spherical popcorn making machine is the best machine for making spherical caramel popcorn. This kind of machine generally uses air heating. This professional popcorn machine has been verified many times and has been continuously improved and designed. It is the most labor-saving and firepower of all popcorn machines. This industrial gas popcorn machine can meet the conditions for rapid initiation, thereby ensuring production capacity and texture.

Spherical popcorn making machine

Spherical popcorn production step
Spherical Popcorn Production Step

During the heating process, the temperature inside the pot keeps rising, and the pressure also keeps rising. The moisture inside the material vaporizes and the material becomes soft. Because the internal and external pressure of the material is balanced, it will not burst and form a spherical shape. The popped popcorn actually measures an average of 2 cm each, which is 0.3 cm larger than traditional popcorn. Compared with the traditional popcorn, the popcorn produced by this machine is more sweet and crispy.

Application of ball shape popcorn machine

Finished spherical popcorn
Finished Spherical Popcorn

The ball shape of popcorn has a unique appearance and a crispy taste. The round popcorn can be evenly colored and tasted without any effort in the pot. Its production is very simple. Just add corn, butter, sugar, and other ingredients to make a pot of fragrant popcorn. It can produce more than a dozen flavors of popcorn. In addition to creamy and caramel flavors, this commercial gas-fired popcorn machine can also produce strawberry, chocolate, banana, seaweed, and other flavors.

Advantages of spherical cereal popcorn making machine

Industrial gas popcorn machine
Industrial Gas Popcorn Machine
  1. The industrial gas popcorn machine adopts special stainless steel to ensure the smoothness of the pot.
  2. This machine can effectively prevent the pot from sticking to the pot, and effectively ensure the popcorn ball rate.
  3. The enlarged gas stove saves gas and heats more evenly, which makes the popcorn taste better.
  4. Its pot body can be manually turned over at 90 degrees for discharging so that the popcorn will leave the pot body with residual heat as soon as possible to prevent the high temperature and residual heat from causing the pot to stick.
  5. There are four wheels at the bottom of the machine, with brakes, which is easy to move and fix
  6. Large-capacity heating production is fast and suitable for commercial use.
Gas ball popcorn making machine details
Gas Ball Popcorn Making Machine Details

Commercial gas ball shape popcorn making machine parameters

Model Power Dimension(mm) Weight Output


220V/25w 1950*660*960 140kg 1.5-2kg/time


220V/25w 1950*660*960 140kg 1.5-2kg/time