Commercial automatic popcorn machine production line

You can make a large industrial automatic popcorn production line with at least three popcorn machines.

save human effort

The large-scale industrial automatic popcorn production line transforms traditional production methods into automated, standardized production. Save manpower and costs.

high production

A large industrial automatic popcorn production line that increases popcorn yield several times over a single operation.

high quality product

In the production of popcorn, we can set a uniform temperature time, input and output are completed once.

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Stable production capacity

When a single machine fails, popcorn can be transferred by skipping the faulty machine without affecting the production and processing of the entire popcorn.

● Simple operation, automatic, intelligent, one-button operation, safe operation and stable performance

● Uniform stirring pot without any mixing blind spots

●Energy saving and environmental protection, no waste residue and noise pollution

●Quick heating, can reach the target temperature in a short time

●Safe use of induction heating, no fire hazard

● Digital control, monitoring the skin temperature of the kettle to avoid excessive processing of popcorn

● Programmable audible alarm to alert the operator when the product reaches the set point

● Excellent output: 10 pounds of popcorn in four minutes, very efficient

●The hydraulic thrust tilts the pot body to make the popcorn easy to enter and exit, saving manpower.

● Food grade stainless steel is safe and healthy.