coffee bean dehydration machines


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 Production of the coffee bean dehydration machine:


Dehydrated vegetable air dryer is widely used for vegetable, meat, snack food and aquatic products.The air dryer machine can effectively remove the water droplets on the surface of materials, greatly shortening the preparation of labelling and packing, the air dryer machine is suitable for assembly line operation and improving the automation of production of enterprises. Compared with the traditional way of drying and removing water, the equipment is easy to operate and easy to use (only need to be connected to the power supply). High water removal rate (over 99%). And there is no scale pollution on the surface of the package.



Parameters of the coffee bean dehydration machine:

 The machine material: SUS304
Mesh belt width: 500-1200 mm
Power supply: 380 v50hz
Production capacity: there is no limit
Total power: unlimited
Air drying way: double channel double the wind
Mesh belt speed way: frequency converter speed control
The weight: 2000 kg

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