Coffee grinding advice

1.he relationship between the grinding thickness and the extraction time
The coffee is finely ground, the denser the powder layer is, the more coffee powder is in contact with the hot water, the extraction resistance is increased, the extraction time is more prolonged, and the extraction rate is pulled up, which is easy to extract excessively. On the contrary, the thicker the touch, the larger the void of the powder layer, the less the coffee powder is in contact with the water, the extraction resistance is weakened, the extraction time is lowered, the extraction rate is lowered, and thus the extraction is insufficient. Therefore, the veteran will control the extraction time according to the powder thickness. When the powder is fine, the extraction time is slightly shortened. When the thickness is coarse, the extraction time is slightly extended.


2.Deep-baked beans are slightly thicker, shallow-baked beans are slightly thinner
In addition, the veteran will determine the color and oil content of the cooked beans before determining the grinding degree of the coffee beans. The lighter the baking, the more difficult to extract, the finer grinding. The deeper the baking, the easier it is to extract, and the slightly coarser grinding.
Therefore, it is thick and thin. (But it should not be too thick or too thin, it will cause abnormal extraction and affect the coffee flavor)

3.The grinding degree of each type of brewing method is from coarse to fine:
French pressure filter pot (rough)
Electric drip filter pot (medium thick)
Hand-washing pot, siphon pot, desktop smart filter cup (medium)
Moka pot (medium)
Espresso (fine)
Turkish coffee (very fine)