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Coffee grinding method

Aroma of coffee does not lie. Whether a cup of coffee is savoury and mellow has been decided beforehand during grinding. A person who knows how to taste coffee would surely keep the aroma of grinding coffee in his memory.

Aroma in coffee can be retained only by grinding it before cooking.

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The coffee fragrance that permeates the whole room will often make people fall in love with it. The most important thing is that coffee should be milled at the last moment before brewing, which is the basic element of coffee preservation because if you grind it too early, or buy the coffee powder that has been ground, its fragrance will gradually lose since the surface of coffee contact with air and humidity is larger than coffee bean. In addition, different ways of brewing coffee asks for different size of powder, so only by adjusting the grinding degree according to the way of each brewing can the coffee give full play to the best taste.

Time is an important factor affecting the aroma of coffee beans. For example, the length of maturity determines whether the coffee is mellow, the length of roasting time determines the different degree of roasting, and cooking time determines coffee concentration as well as the coffee grinding finness.

Generally speaking, the shorter the cooking time, the finer the particles should be because the surface of the coffee powder need to contact water at as much as possible; otherwise, the longer the cooking time, the rougher the grinding particles should be so as not to extract unnecessary impurities. For example, roughly extraction Espresso requires fine grinding like flour, as for filter press method, in order to make coffee sufficiently soaked to release the fragrance, coffee powder need biscuit-like rough grinding. Different fineness of coffee can be achieved by adjusting machine configuration.