Coffee bean grinding machine


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Coffee bean grinding machine can process pepper, wheat, cacao bean, corn(maize), soybean, sorghum and other crops. Also this coffee bean grinding machine can be used for processing spices, rubber, chemicals and

other items. Final

products is flour or grits. It is an ideal choice for supermarket, store, processing shop, etc.





1.304 stainless steel polishing and grinding processing, in line with the standards of beauty and health.

2.Coffee bean grinding machine crush the raw material into powder with the size 10-200mesh.

3.It relies on the millstones to make the goods into powder.

4.This Coffee bean grinding machine is easy to operate and can work continuously.











1, all kinds of seeds and the nuts such as sesame, walnut, rice, black rice, soybeans, mung beans and so on.

2, dry herbs including almonds, Poria, dates,

3,Dried vegetables, like mushroom, cassava, potato chips.



Model TZ-1 TZ-2 TZ-3
Capacity 30-50kg/h 50-90kg/h 100-150kg/h
Motor 2.2kw 2.2kw 2.2kw
Weight 28kg 45 kg 52kg
Mesh 50-200mm 50-300mm 50-300mm
Size 480*300*420mm 550*260*430mm 600*300*460mm