Professional cocoa peeling machine

Structure of cocoa peeling machine:

cocoa peeling machine consists of a peeling roller, a fan and a gravity sorting unit. The structure is simple and compact, easy to operate, stable in performance, safe and reliable.

Cocoa bean peeling machine 2

Working principle of cocoa peeling machine:

First feed cocoa in the hopper feed, through roll peeling, then the fan will suck cocoa skin outside the machine, peel off the cocoa beans. According to adjust the size of wind and stripping gap, skin of different size of coco bean can be peeled.

Application of cocoa peeling machine:

The cocoa peeling machine is a professional equipment for processing cocoa beans and peanuts. It has the characteristics of high automation, high half-life, low noise and no pollution. It is equipped with vacuum cleaner which can absorb red skin of coco beans and process it into an ideal half particle.

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