How to choose a coffee bean dryer

Among the many factors that influence the taste and flavor of coffee, baking is the most critical part. The control of the roasting process of coffee beans is actually the process of removing or masking the original bad taste of the coffee beans in order to fully exert the original flavor of the coffee.

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The complete baking process of coffee includes three stages of “dehydration”, “one explosion” and “two explosions”, each of which represents different changes of coffee beans at high temperatures. Of course, depending on your needs, you can decide to end the baking at any time during any time.
In the “dehydration” stage, the water in the green beans will be fully evaporated, and then the coffee will burst, that is, into the “one explosion”. At this stage, some light baking, medium baking, medium deep baking coffee The beans will end the baking; then they will enter the “two explosions”. In the early stage of this stage (that is, within a few seconds of the second burst of coffee beans), most people will choose to end the baking to get the best. “Caramel flavor” and a lower degree of “sour taste”.

After the baking is finished, the roasted coffee beans need to be cooled quickly to avoid excessive “self-baking” of the coffee beans. After that, the coffee beans will give the best flavor after a day of storage.