Shuli electromagnetic ball large popcorn machine

China Shuliy Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise integrating scientific research, development, design, manufacture and sales. The popcorn machine has been sold all over the world. The electromagnetic ball popcorn machine is a hot-selling explosion recommended by our company. Rice flower machine.


The electromagnetic ball popcorn machine adopts the principle of magnetic field induced eddy current heating. He uses current to generate a magnetic field through the coil. When the magnetic force in the magnetic field passes through the bottom of the pot, numerous small eddy currents are generated, causing the pot itself to heat up at a high speed and then heat up. The food in the pot. With a pot capacity of 100L, it can produce 10-15 pounds of popcorn in one pot and can be produced in one pot for three minutes. Our electromagnetic ball popcorn machine is automatic, the pot is automatically discharged, saving manpower. All operations can be carried out through the control panel, precisely controlling the temperature, speed and time according to the needs of the process recipe to achieve standardized production and ensure consistent product quality. The material is made of high quality stainless steel, which has a long service life and no deformation at high temperature. With the planetary stirring method, it can cover every corner of the pot body, the mixing is more uniform, and the scraping bottom is more thorough. The automatic hydraulic rear side flips the pot and automatically discharges hydraulic pressure. One start of the pot allows the pot to quickly disengage from the heat source after stopping heating, preventing the high temperature residual heat from causing the paste tank. It is a kind of food processing equipment with excellent performance, no need to disassemble the mixer, saving manpower and reducing labor intensity.
Electromagnetic ball popcorn machine is mainly used in shopping malls, cinemas, supermarkets, playgrounds, children’s paradise, snack street, cafes, front desk, market street, snack street, leisure area, etc. There are small and medium-sized popcorn machines, some large puffed food factories. , the snack food factory, etc. are using our large popcorn machine assembly line.