Australian customers order 5 Coffee roasting machines

On September 17, 2018, a customer from Australia reached Zhengzhou, China. Our business staff went to pick up the plane. He planned to purchase 5 Coffee roasting machine.

Coffee roasting machine
Our Coffee roasting machine:

Our factory produce this model coffee roasting machine .They are made from the special imported steel that made by special technology.It was made for processing baking drum.It has the characteristics with high temperature heating to ensure that without leakage beans, BuKa beans, roasted evenly.At the same time Baking panel of this coffee roasting machine is equipped with high temperature glass window mirror, can observe the conditions of roasting. We set the take sample handle for this model coffee roasting machine so that in the baking operation, you can sampling observation at any time , further grasp the beans baking conditions within the warehouse.

The Australian customer played for a few more days. On the 22nd, our company’s business staff took him to visit our factory and conducted a test. The customer had a three-day visit and decided to order 5 Coffee roasting machine on the 25th. Pei machine, 26th, we packed and shipped.