Coffee roasting machine three major thermal conduction methods

Direct fire:
The biggest feature is that the drum has small holes, the fire can directly burn the beans, it is easy to appear black spots, or to burn the beans, the fire is not easy to control. I often bake the beans and cut the beans, but the beans are not ripe. Direct-fire Coffee roasting machine are rare at present, but if used properly, the aroma is thick.

Coffee roasting machineSemi-direct fire type:
That is, the semi-hot air Coffee roasting machine, the contact surface of the drum and the flame has no holes, and looks like a closed drum. In fact, the inner side of the drum has a small hole to guide the hot air into the furnace, and the metal of the auxiliary drum is thermally conductive, so that the beans are more Evenly baked. Semi-direct fire is the most common roasting machine used in China and the United States. The semi-direct fire Coffee roasting machine can be as small as 500 grams per furnace, but the maximum capacity per furnace is rarely more than 120 kg, and the semi-direct fire is 2 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, and 20 per furnace. Kilograms are more common.

Hot air flow type:
American Coffee roasting machine is heard by Michael. In the 1970s, Schwitz vigorously advocated the hot-air roasting machine, which boasted the beans in the oven with powerful high-temperature hot air, so that the beans flew and the best heat conduction effect was the most labor-saving baking method, and the baking speed was fast. For several decades, Schwitz has spared no effort to attack the drum-type roasting machine, which is easy to dry beans, and often has an unpleasant smell of smoke. Metallic, drum-type roasting machine is currently the most popular model. Look at the correct operation of the furnace. The hot air flow has the advantages of fast and time saving, and the coffee flavor is clean and bright, but the semi-direct fire type has the advantage that the aftertaste is thicker and sweeter. Semi-direct fire requires professional bakers to operate with so many time-consuming and labor-intensive disadvantages. For the introductory home, it doesn’t take long for the introductory period to start. If you use a hot-air roasting machine, it is convenient and easy to operate. People, change the degree of roasting.