Electromagnetic ball popcorn machine 1

Efficient electromagnetic ball popcorn machine

Electromagnetic ball popcorn machine, large production efficiency has become its business card. One pot can produce 10 pounds of popcorn and four or five minutes for a pot.

As soon as the equipment was launched, a large number of customers came to the test machine. If you also have this demand can also come to the factory to understand, you are welcome to provide guidance for the development of Shuli.



1,High efficiency: heating by electromagnetic induction, fast heating, and high thermal efficiency up to 90%;

2, Safety: waterproof, anti-leakage, anti-dry burning protection and other 18 heavy safety protection, use more heart-saving;

3, energy saving: there is no heat conduction and thermal radiation, which is more than 50% of the energy consumption of ordinary gas / oil stove.

4, environmental protection: no flame, no smoke, no exhaust, ultra quiet design (45 dB below);

5, beautiful: all stainless steel Seiko meticulous and humanized design, high-grade and durable, easy to clean;

6, intelligent design: 9 gear magnetically controlled switch, balance power output, circulatory heat dissipation structure;

7,Adopt the advanced and advanced German Infineon IGBT module design, long service life;

8,Advanced microcomputer control, with over-temperature protection, automatic fault detection, voltage too high and too low and lack of phase protection;

9, we can adjust the firepower, set the required time and control the temperature accurately.

10, Automatic mixing and stirring speed can be adjusted without manual duty.

11, according to customer needs, customized electromagnetic equipment of different sizes and power.

Shuli Machinery has excellent performance and excellent equipment. According to our technical data, you can explode many kinds of flavors such as Hami melon, chocolate, taro, pineapple, strawberry, orange, banana, lemon, blue mold and so on.

For details, consult Shu Li Machinery: shuliysale@gmail.com

Electromagnetic ball popcorn machine 2


1, when cleaning the electromagnetic ball popcorn machine, the power should be cut off.

3,Clean the surface of the fuselage with semi-dry and wet towel. Do not use water to wash the pan and the whole machine directly. Otherwise, let the water infiltrate, destroy the electrical performance and affect the normal work of the product.

3, it is not allowed to wash the inner pan with hard objects, so as not to cause damage to the non adhesive coating inside the dish.

4, when the electromagnetic ball popcorn machine is stopped for a long time, cut off the power supply and dry it out for storage.