Multi-occasion small commercial popcorn machine

The cinema is a Multi-occasion small commercial popcorn machine on multiple occasions. Popcorn is the “soul companion” of cinemas. It seems to have become a kind of food for viewing across nationalities, languages ​​and beliefs. Even, for some people, the view without popcorn is not a complete view.

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Multiple occasions:

  1. Household: family dinner, birthday party, daily consumption, etc.

Multi-occasion small commercial popcorn machine for home use lead you through time and space, surrounded by the smell of popcorn, as if you were in the theater of the 60s, this enjoyment is no longer a dream, now you can make your dreams come true, move the theater Go home and make more fun with family and friends! ! ! Come and contact us: Tel: +86 17398965329|Email:


  1. Commercial: shopping malls, cinemas, campuses, etc.

Multi-flavored popcorn has become a favorite snack in various shopping malls and other places, such as cinema viewing is essential. At the same time, it also represents the market of popcorn is very impressive, very good business opportunities! ! !


I have to say that popcorn, which has been popular for more than a hundred years, is really a “deep” snack. It is estimated that as long as the corn is in, popcorn will be able to sit firmly in the position of the snack industry. Then hurry to buy a Multi-occasion small commercial popcorn machine to get more profit for you.