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Professional high quality electric coffee bean sheller machine



The electric coffee bean sheller machine mainly removes the red outer shell outside the fresh coffee beans. High quality coffee processing, starting with peeling coffee beans.

The process of removing the peel and peeling the pectin into coffee green beans is generally regarded as the process of “coffee treatment” and is considered as a step that has an important influence on the final taste of the green beans. We all know that fresh coffee fruit must be disposed of immediately before fermentation of the exocarp after it has been harvested. Therefore, after re-watering, we need to peel the coffee fruit. Our electric coffee bean sheller machine is used in this step. Our electric coffee bean sheller machine combines the processing technology of coffee and the characteristics of coffee. It is not a good quality product specially produced by coffee growers and coffee processing manufacturers.

Coffee bean sheller machine

Our electric coffee bean sheller machine is sold at home and abroad and is loved by many coffee growers and coffee production factories. This machine removes the trouble of manual peeling and inefficiency. Greatly improved work efficiency.


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