The correct way to clean the coffee grinder

High quality, clean coffee brewing equipment is definitely one of the important guarantees for quality coffee. In order to pursue high-quality coffee, it is necessary to invest in the early stage, but you must remember that having high-quality brewing equipment does not mean that you can make high-quality coffee.

Coffee is an organic, perishable product. Coffee is extremely fast in the process of exposure to air and heat. The longer the coffee is left in the coffee mill, the longer the coffee will be in contact with oxygen and heat, and the coffee will become difficult to swallow. If not cleaned regularly, most coffee machines have more or less residual coffee powder inside, which means that the coffee beans you grind every time are not 100% fresh.

Coffee bean grinding machine

Coffee grinders may grind coffee beans differently than you might think. You can control the thickness of the powder by adjusting the buttons on the grinder, but the ground coffee will never be uniform. All coffee powders are different in size. Simply put, most of the coffee powder milled by the high-quality coffee grinder can meet our expectations, and only a small portion is too thick or too fine coffee powder.

Among them, ultra-fine coffee powder is the main reason why you must clean the grinder. Because these coffee powders are very, very small, the rate of deterioration of their exposure to oxygen and heat is faster. At the same time, these fine powders will mix with the oil and stick to the grinder. Over time, these coffee powder sticking to the grinder will form a shell, which will make the coffee powder after grinding with a peanut flavor. I dare say that all the coffee that has been grinded by the unwashed coffee mill has this taste. As long as you clean the grinder regularly, you can get rid of this annoying taste!