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Hand-operated Gas Popcorn Machine

The Hand-operated Gas Popcorn Machine has a long history, let me explain his usage.

First, let the Hand-operated Gas Popcorn Machine clean behind the wall, wipe it with a damp cloth or linen, and erase the original iron powder (no need to use water)

Second, prepare to explode, do not rush to put the material into the machine. The first Hand-operated Gas Popcorn Machine was cold, taken by machine heating, and heated to a drop of apparently flawed white smoke so far. This time is the starting material. (How much material is suitable? For example, a 3 kg machine is about 1.5 pounds of rice, 5 pounds plus 2.5 pounds of rice, 7 kilograms plus 3.5 pounds of rice. This is the number of novices most suitable for rice).


Third, just enter the rice, do not rush to use the fire, use a small fire, slowly turn clockwise three or four times, counterclockwise slowly turn three or four biospheres, a total of 7-8 times plus

The fire is very hot, a direction of rapid turn, and bursts according to pressure.

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