Coffee bean dehydration machines Details

The coffee bean dehydration machines is a special equipment for the traditional mesh belt dryer, which has strong pertinence, practicability and high efficiency.

The coffee bean dehydration machines can satisfy different products for drying. In addition to coffee beans, it can also dry vegetables, meat, snack foods and aquatic products.


coffee bean dehydration machines

During operation, air enters the coffee bean dehydration machines and is heated by a heat exchanger. Using a scientific and rational circulation method, the hot air will be dried on the bed through the raw materials for uniform heat exchange. Under the action of the circulation fan, the hot air flow in each unit of the dryer will perform hot air circulation. The final air of low temperature and high humidity will be eliminated. The entire drying process is completed, the effect is stable, and the effect is good.

According to the characteristics of the coffee bean dehydration machines and according to the customer’s process requirements, combined with more than ten years of accumulated experience, we provide the most suitable and best coffee bean dehydration machines.