The history and development trend of popcorn machines

We all know that the popcorn machine is a food device that produces and produces popcorn for casual puffed food. So do you know the specific development history of the popcorn machine? Where does the popcorn machine originate?










According to relevant research, Chinese traditional old-fashioned popcorn machines can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. At that time, a poet Fan Chengda once mentioned in his “Stone Lake Collection” the popcorn customs of Wuzhong in the Shangyuan Festival. At the same time, the Song people used the popcorn to occupy the servant and good fortune in the coming of the new year, and the girls used this to occupy their own lifelong events.
The invention of popcorn also reflects the richness and diversity of Chinese diet to a certain extent. Its deeper meaning lies in the creation of an emerging food processing method and puffed food. However, it is worth noting that the related research shows that the lead content of the traditional old-fashioned popcorn machine is seriously exceeded, and with the development of science and the gradual improvement of health awareness, this popcorn machine with excessive lead content is slowly It is eliminated by the society and replaced by a more intelligent automatic popcorn machine. The popcorn that is squeezed out while saving manpower is not only pure and healthy, but also healthy and harmless!