How to use coffee grinder

How to use a fully automatic coffee machine? How to try a fully automatic coffee machine? A fully automatic coffee machine is much more convenient and quicker to operate than a semi-automatic coffee machine, but there are still many friends who will not operate this type of machine. Next, tell you about coffee grinding. How to use the machine.
To make coffee, first connect the power supply and the coffee machine must be connected to the A/C socket. The voltage used must match the specified voltage stated on the machine package. It is forbidden to use the defective power cord. After plugging in the power supply, turn on the power switch of the coffee grinder.
Remove the bean box lid and put it in a bean box with an appropriate amount of coffee beans to 80% full.

Coffee roasting machine
Remove the water tank from the machine, remove the water tank cover, and fill the water with about 3/4 capacity. The valve at the bottom of the water tank acts as a water discharge. When returning the water tank to the machine, press the water tank directly against the valve that can be opened automatically, and then cover the water tank cover.
After completing the above preparations, you can make coffee. Generally, the automatic coffee grinder has the following functions: “small cup”, “big cup”, hot water/steam, coffee powder and other function buttons, some are useless. The powder button is because it does not have the device of powder, but only that it can only use coffee beans. There are also coffee powder volume settings, coffee water volume (concentration) settings, double cups and other buttons, the specific buttons vary from machine to machine. If you need a large cup of coffee, press the big cup button. If you want to drink a small cup, press the small button. So the automatic coffee grinder is very simple to make coffee. You don’t need too many artificial operations. Just meet the basic conditions of making coffee. .
So whether it’s at home or in the office, the fully automatic coffee grinder is your best choice.