Popcorn machine introduction

The popcorn machine is a special machine for making popcorn, and the popcorn machine is also a popcorn machine (the name of Hong Kong). This machine can explode colored fruity popcorn, and customers are advised to use it with coconut oil during operation.
Popcorn is loved by everyone, but traditional popcorn is singular. And multi-flavored popcorn meets the different needs of different people, from children to the elderly. Its sweet and crispy taste has won everyone’s praise. Especially in cinemas and supermarkets, there are food courts. Very popular with the majority of customers. Especially the single-pot popcorn is especially suitable for flow and easy to use. One person operates.

Method of operation
1. Press the thermal insulation switch to keep the heating tube and the heat-insulating lighting bulb working.
2. Twist the rotary heating switch, preheat the popcorn tray for 5-7 minutes, try to put 3 corn and 5 grams of edible oil into the pan. When the corn bursts, prepare for work.
3. Put 50 ml of oil first, then put 150 g of corn and 100 g of sugar into the pan to carry out the popcorn. When the corn bursts, there is almost no cracking sound (about 5 minutes), open the lid and pour out the pan.
4. Please pay attention to the situation of the valley when you explode, to prevent burning. At the same time, the activity door is closed, and the explosion-proof popcorn falls out of the box, and the corn is fried until the popcorn is completed.
5. Avoid letting oil drip to the popcorn tray frame to prevent soiling of the disc edge and overheating.