It’s called grinding to drink coffee, and it’s called instant flavor


If you like to drink coffee, then you must be a person who likes to taste life. The amount…may also be a hard-working office worker who often works overtime and stays up late.

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But if you only drink instant coffee, it means that the taste of life is not enough. In fact, in many European and American countries, few people drink instant coffee, just like the free tea placed in the hotel, some instant coffee in the country. Special locations such as trains and airplanes are often available for free, and instant coffee is only used as a substitute for coffee in people’s daily life.

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Some people even think that it is only an industrial synthetic product, not a coffee, its taste and content are far from the freshly ground coffee.

Like Chinese tea culture, coffee has been integrated into the traditional culture of Western countries such as Europe and the United States. From the roasting, cooking, filtering, and selection and blending of coffee beans, there is deep knowledge. In contrast, instant coffee, although it is also the taste of coffee, has lost a lot of nutrients, and lacks the unique taste and culture of freshly ground coffee. In addition, instant coffee will also add additives such as flavors, pigments, preservatives, etc., long-term drinking is not healthy.

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Before introducing the coffee bean grinder machine, the working principle of the grinder is same, just the size, working temperature and noise of each machine are different, and most of the grinders work with the high temperatures, and loudly voice.

In general, coffee machines make coffee for a short time, so the coffee powder is finely ground and then cooked by siphoning. Appropriate grinding degree determines the taste of coffee, because the extraction of water-soluble substances in coffee powder has its ideal time. If the powder is very fine and cooked for a long time, it will cause excessive extraction, and the coffee produced will be too rich and lose its aroma; If the powder is very thick and the cooking is too fast, resulting in insufficient extraction, the coffee will be light and tasteless, because it is too late to dissolve the water-soluble substances in the powder.

Such as: Home version of vertical coffee bean grinder machine:

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1.Material is S304 stainless steel for polishing and grinding, meeting the  beauty and health standards.

  1. This coffee bean grindermachine is designed to meet the needs of the user, such as spare filters and brushes, and other components can be placed in the store real, not space.
  2. The upper structure of the coffee bean grindermachine makes feeding more convenient.
  3. This machine canquickly and easily replace the filter, feed continuously.
  4. The special design of the coffee bean grinder makes the abrasive material fast.


The  Commercial model coffee bean grinder machine:

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Introduction: This machine is widely used in  pharmaceutical, chemical, food, food and other industries.


After reading these information about the coffee bean grinder machine you may understand that maybe this is called life…