Vertical Coffee bean grinder machine

Coffee bean grinder machine 1


1.Material is S304 stainless steel polishing and grinding processing, in line with the standards of beauty and health.


2.The exterior design to meet users’ needs, such as spare filters and brush, and other parts can be placed in the storage real, not the space.


3.Coffee bean grinder machine’s superstructure makes feeding more convenient.


4.Coffee bean grinder machine’s replacing the filter quickly and easily, and continuous feed, a feed grinder.


5.Special tool design of coffee bean grinder machine make grinding materials fast.

 Coffee bean grinder machine 2Coffee bean grinder machine







Voltage 220v/230v
Power 350w
Feeder volume 350g
Diameter of grinder 66mm
Dimension 600*300*210mm
Capacity 8kg/h
Color Black, red and gray
Weight 10kg