The pros and cons of Coffee bean grinding machine

Grinding shape:
After the coffee is ground into a powder using a Coffee bean grinding machine, each coffee powder can be regarded as a separate individual, and each coffee powder is extracted in contact with the water surface. The longer the coffee powder extraction takes longer, the shorter the extraction time of the coffee powder is, the shorter the extraction time is. The size of the block is what we call coffee grinding.

Coffee bean grinding machine

The better the Coffee bean grinding machine grinds out, the thickness is about the same, and the shape is almost the same. This will ensure that the progress of each coffee powder is the same throughout the extraction process.

The coffee powder ground by different cutterheads has different shapes, and the extraction method and taste will also change. It is flat, granular, etc.

The core part of the Coffee bean grinding machine is the cutter head. There are four types of cutters that are classified according to the grinding method and the shape of the grinding teeth—flat, cone, ghost, and round.

Fine powder rate:
The perfect condition after grinding the Coffee bean grinding machine is that each coffee powder after grinding has the same shape and shape. However, it is inevitable that these extremely fine powders will be produced during grinding, so the less the fine powder produced by the Coffee bean grinding machine during grinding, the better the coffee bean grinder.