How to use the Coffee bean grinding machine to grind correctly

The degree of grinding should be proportional to the extraction time. The thickness of the Coffee bean grinding machine grinding will directly affect the length of the extraction time and the extraction rate.

The thickness can control the bitterness. The thickness of the Coffee bean grinding machine grinding is the best way to control bitterness. The finer the grinding, the higher the extraction rate, and the easier it is to chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, caffeine and carbide. High molecular weight bitter extracts are extracted. On the contrary, if the grinding is too thick, the extraction rate is lower, and the higher the molecular weight of the bitterness is, the better the sweetness of the medium molecular weight may be left in the coffee grounds due to insufficient extraction.


The grinding scale of the Coffee bean grinding machine is not static. You should never use the same grinding scale. You should know that the density of each bean is different from the baking degree. The required scale will not be the same. The scale of the extremely hard bean or the light baking can be slightly adjusted. Finer, deep bake can be adjusted a little thicker.

The Coffee bean grinding machine should be diligently maintained. The cutter head should be removed regularly to remove the grease stain inside. The cutter head is a consumable. It will be blunt after grinding about 800~1000 pounds. Remember to replace it, otherwise the particles will be ground. Half-mixed, resulting in uneven extraction, detrimental coffee flavor.