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What can I do if my popcorn comes out chewy?

In fact, popcorn is made up of hard starch and a little water. This moisture is locked in the core. As the temperature rises, the moisture turns into steam and the pressure begins to increase. This situation continues until the kernel can no longer withstand this power, and it breaks out the goodness we know […]

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Advantages of the gas cocoa bean peeling machine

Advantages of the gas cocoa bean peeling machine Cocoa bean gas law peeling machine using pneumatic principle, peeling peeled beans with cocoa beans. Cocoa beans can be used without peeling the device peeling equipment, peeling rate of 95% or more, cocoa skin and kernels automatically separated. The use of specially designed peeling principle, peeling process, nuts […]

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Corn puffing machine sent to Thailand

On October 11th, 10 corn puffing machines were sent to Thailand. The corn puffing machine is a kind of screw extrusion method to feed the material into the machine. The flour puffing machine screw screw pushes the material to form the axial flow, and at the same time, the material is been squeezed, stirred and sheared by […]

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Coffee bean processing

Coffee bean processing In the context of growing beverages and expanding markets, coffee, one of the world’s three largest beverages, has exuded its unique mellow and its unique “coffee culture” in people’s daily lives. Whether at home, in the office, or in all kinds of social occasions, people are sipping coffee, making coffee no longer […]

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Coffee bean deep processing

Coffee bean deep processing Coffee beans are the seeds of the genus Coffee, and the fruit of the genus is similar to cherries, and the coffee beans are the stone fruits. Coffee can be cooked by roasting coffee beans using a coffee bean roaster and then grinding them into coffee powder. Since coffee is one […]

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Coffee beans drying

Coffee beans drying After the water washing process, the coffee beans are preserved in the inner skin shell so that the inner skin still contains about 15% moisture. The endocarp must be dried to a moisture content of approximately 11%, at which point the coffee beans are in a stable state and are easy to […]

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Demystifying the principle of Chinese old-fashioned popcorn machine

Demystifying the principle of Chinese old-fashioned popcorn machine Speaking of popcorn, I must have evoked my childhood memories, remembering that the traditional Chinese popcorn machine is the “cannon hand-cranked popcorn machine.” Most people think that the popcorn that comes out of the Chinese old-fashioned popcorn machine is the most fragrant, and no other tool can […]

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Selection method of coffee bean grinder

Selection method of coffee bean grinder Brand: At present, there are two main types of coffee bean grinders on sale: joint venture brand and imported brand, and the market share of domestic products is not high. We suggest choose joint venture products because compared with imported products, in terms of product design, appearance and shape, the […]

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Cocoa peeling machine in Ghana

Cocoa peeling machine in Ghana In Ghana, the yield of cocoa is massive, but cocoa peeling machine and grinding machine are in great demand. Ghana has a long history of producing cocoa and cocoa has always been a main source of income for Ghanaian people. Until now, Ghana is still the world’s second largest export […]

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